Welcome to The Winchester Cathedral's Celebration

Every week WinchesterCathedral.org presents a special weekly spiritual message of love so you can have fun while learning of God in your own way on your own time.
The Winchester
Cathedral Philosophy: Each and every person should actively question and investigate anything and everything instead of placing blind faith in a person representing themselves as an authority, or words contained in arcane texts. It is YOU who should decide by your own reason and rational thought what is or isn't truth for you.
Too little questioning of any teaching and too much faith in celebrated documents is an inferior way to search for truth! No God would require trust without reason.
The Winchester Cathedral has NO "Doctrine and/or Dogma". In the dictionary, Doctrine is defined as, "A principle or creed of principles presented for acceptance or belief; Dogma is defined as, "An authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true." Even Unity, Religious Science, New Thought, Christian Science, and all organized religions have a dogma. We do not.
Our few principles have a solid basis in reason, spirituality, scientific evidence, or proven fact. The brief talks shared at Winchester Cathedral can help you discover hidden treasures. Join us "online" every week as we prove this together and Welcome to The WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL'S ~ Spiritual Roundup~
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